Product Review : Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask


Hi beauties,

Hope you all are having a good new year start….. our since the holidays are over, again the hectic routine is on the run …..packed time, short cold days… traffic, household chores, pending works less time to relax…errr……but I found a perfect getaway  my perfect me time to energize and have some Me time 🙂 yes you are right the delicious smelling  Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask. Since I used the Herbline essential problem skin scrub plus mask which you must read HERE I was so much wanted to get my hands on this as I read it has papaya and honey….I love both ,papaya to eat, to drink & also to put on my face love the sweet floral smell…..takes me to the tropical paradise ahhhhh( dreaming)….ok coming back from my imaginary tropical island and talking about the mask itssss amazing.


First of all about the packing its  comes in a cute 50gm stained plastic screw jar….its a natural clay based mask, the texture of the mask is so smooth and creamy just spreads like butter … hassle, no chunks, no fall offs, very perfect consistency…. can be applied in a hurry as it  dries in 10 to 12 mins. as it dries wash it off with luke warm water ….it goes off very easily too, leaving no tint or residue.


 Something about the ingredients, it contains a clay blend and the powerful properties of papaya. Papain, an enzyme from the papaya fruit, effectively lightens and tightens the skin helping to control premature aging. Nourished with honey, this detoxifying mask works to reduce blemishes, pigmentation, softens the cells that produce melanin and promotes a smoother skin. Enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene these effective antioxidants also work to promote and enhance the complexion.

Now my take on this mask I am in love with it delicious smell very calming, tightens the skin ,minimizes the appearance of the pores, gives a natural facelift feeling plus its a skin rejuvenator…my skin literally glows after the I take it off….looks hydrated & nourished like I got an expensive treatment. I felt my break outs marks too to faded after using it so I think it lightens too.. a plus. A clear, smooth skin, very relaxed as the redness too diminishes and balanced after the first application…..cant rave more…. you must try it to see how it works its too amazing to be felt.

A worth trying mask, a home spa treatment…. I use it two times a week  as for me the smell and the magical mask is just  a perfect pair to detox, unwind a stressful day or start a relaxed weekend 😉

It available at co.op societies and some selected pharmacies here in Kuwait…check the availability in my previous post HERE or you can order it online HERE ( if you are UAE resident than the delivery is free)

7 thoughts on “Product Review : Herbline Essentials Papaya Fruit & Honey Face Mask

  1. i start using this product but as I apply it on my face it gives me burning …can u tell me is this normal or dangerous tomy face skin

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