Products Review : Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub

N face scrub

Hi Beauties,

As I love doing makeup so I understand how its necessary to remove and purify your skin everyday.Not only  due to  makeup but my skin also goes dull due to the layer of dead cells over it so I am always on a quest to get a product which cleans thoroughly plus deeply…..otherwise all you girlies there are aware of the skin going crazy due to clog pores ending up in redness, white heads blacks heads…bla bla…so to all these problems I summed out a solution a good Scrub, yes a scrub because it not only remove the dead cell layer but also sinks in to unclog the pores…… I think investing in a good scrub is the answer to a clear healthy skin as I know this…..nothing is worth it . So keeping this in mind got Neutrogena Pink grapefruit scrub, I am very much liking the pinkegrapefruit line by Neutrogena as I used the face wash from it which was also soo good you can read about it here.

 The scrub comes in a pink sheer tube as you can see the scrub inside, its nice thick gel kinda product. It has tiny… very tiny micro beads in it which do there job very well, has a nice grapefruit scent to it perfect to give you the early morning perk or just freshen you up any time of the day…. Its very lathering and beads are perfect for scrubbing not irritating for me or if you have any issue  you can use it once a week and rub light handedly don’t just damage it by over scrubbing or going hard on it ….but scrubbing is a must… not as it only cleanses the dead cells buildup but also the salicylic acid sinks  in deeply helping in cleaning and unclogging pores….so no under skin bumps.

  What I do I just damp my face and with light hands scrub it in circular motions, I do this for 2 or 3 mins. and wash it off.After washing my face I  feel it really clean…. squeaky clean, takes away all the dead skin giving nice glowy face and saving a lot of time…. don’t have to do a process to get a glow.Just  scrub and apply your fav moisturizer and get nice clean glowy face…keeping all the skin problems on the bay because prevention is better than cure.

 I am totally sticking to it, you do try and tell me how did you find it.


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