Product Review : Benefit Rockateur Blush

BR box

Hi beauties,

I am a big fan of benefit products since I used them specially They are real mascara, benetint, the Hello Flawless Oxygen Glow Foundation and Porefessional primer which you must have read here they are a must makeup essentials I think……. so got this gorgeous Benefit  Rockateur Blush…..ahh can’t say how much I am loving it, I am wearing it and loving it. , its just amazing a pure festive blush….. as my marriage anniversary is coming so I think this will be the must blush to add a nice warm sheen to the cheeks to get me in the festive mood.



It came in an elegant box like other benefit blushes with a interesting brush and mirror inside. I said interesting brush because the brush is soft and tapered on one side so  easy to sweep the blush along the cheeks.



brush collage

BR 1



Now talking about the blush, its shimmery not glittery deep coral colored blush with a decent scent to it. It looks very shimmery in the box with a deep color but looks so subtle on the cheeks giving a hint of color with a nice coral warm sheen to the cheeks. I liked applying it more as a warm highlighter on the apple of the cheeks as the color is not so much pigmented just gives a very gorgeous and healthy sheen to the cheeks…. I am just a junkie to shimmery looks I think they are perfect to give an uplift  to any gloomy flat face and get you more in the festive mood too.


Did a peachy and rose gold look for you all to see how gorgeous it looks on the cheeks besides adding a sheen they looked lifted too…….. and guess what I applied to my eyes too, it added a nice sheen to the my peepers too 😉 how I applied it, I just put on  a eye primer and applied the benefit Rockateur blush in the mid of the eye lid blending it with a chocolate color at the ends of the eye…and there was a nice rose gold look. The blush just popped with the primer so well I think now I am gona use it as a eye shadow too for a rosy gold look.

blush face

Hope you all enjoyed it, give me your feedback if you have any queries about it. Its easily available at Faces at the benefit counter.



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