Perfume Review : Flora By GUCCI

gucci flora1

I got  Flora By GUCCI and thought why not share my thoughts on it. Its packed in a beautiful heavy glass bottle, a black ribbon on the neck, with a dark sparkly golden perfume in it… lovely!Very Classy, delicate, Youthful yet mature…Again I just love beautiful bottles and packaging this is the first thing I look in a perfume.

By name you must be guessing it must be more on the floral side…but the perfume is more citrusy sweet than floral. If you enjoy summery springy scents than you may like it. Its kind of citrusy, warm fruity, very feminine, romantic and also has long staying hours…. I spritz in the morning and can have a whiff still in the evening .It has notes of fresh notes of mandarin orange, beautiful peonies, aromas of rose and osmanthus, some patchouli, pink pepper and sandalwood.

Had anyone of you tried it…how did you find it? Share your thoughts on it….


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