DIY : Revamp your Candles


Hi beauties,

I just love candles specially from Zara & Bath and Body works…… and who doesn’t in the evening they fill your house with alluring aroma.I had some jar candles lying around which where not useable any more but I love them so much so thought why not revampthem.So today I gave my candles a face lift and made them again use able… can also try this.

DIY Revamp your Candles

What you will need for it

  • Any jar candles   (mine are from Zara scented white ones)
  • Crayons or Oil pastels ( I used yellow pink & blue)
  • Deep Pan with water
  • Ordinary candles
  • Knife

Boil the water in a pan. Place your jar candle in it .When it melts take out the old finished wick and sharp or scrap some any desired color crayon in it and let it melt & dissolve.
Place an ordinary candle in another candle  jar, cut half according to the size of your jar
Melt and stick one side of it to the bottom of the jar.Let it cool for a while now pour the melted wax into it till it reaches the candle wick.You can add any fragrance oil if you like mine are already scented so didn’t need any.

Now let it cool, you can decorate the glass of the candle as you like and keep it  for  your self or gift your friends.
I am now enjoying them again ahhh hh…love how they smell.Hope you liked my DIY….tell me if you have any other suggestions in comments, will love to try .


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