Review : Mikyajy Sabaya Sparkle EDT and Gourmand Collection Vanilla EDT


Hi beauties,

As the weather is getting cold my whole wardrobe is getting makeover, all light breezy clothes are out dark deep are all in….right same is with the scents and perfumes I am switching from fresh light to deep musky spicy ones…So I found a new love in my perfume collection the Mikyajy Sabaya Sparkle and Vanilla  EDT…I am loving these in this cold chilly weather they are just perfectly warm, spicy and also sweet….may be you don’t know how much I love the smell of freshly baked vanilla  custard & fruit tarts, cinabons, cookies, apple pies sweet bit spiced with cinnamon….. yum yum….i want to smell like them in winter 😛


  So starting with the Mikyajy Sabaya Sparkle EDT which comes in a  rectangular bottle, cutie pink with a smooth powdery finish. Its nice sweet & floral with the notes of mandarin, pear , wild berries and then continuing to a flirty heart of jasmine giving it fresh  and creamy floral notes, with a light touch of delicious vanilla and warmness of musk,  makes it perfectly wearable in this weather….has all the scents which i  just love in perfect balance, gives me the coziness plus also a fresh fun perk up too………totally me…. Love it ❤


  Next is the Vanilla EDT from the summer Gourmand Collection which I absolutely loved…if you are a fan of vanilla than this for you nice warm sweet and musky ….its a complete winter scent. Besides the  pleasing and soft scent of vanilla its also  enhanced by notes of  Bergamot, Sicilian Orange and Caramel………sooo yummy…. just perfect to satisfy my wintry sweet tooth.I love to layer both or wear it alone just warms me up and taking away the winter chills….bringing me in the perfect mood of festive cozy winter. They have more in this yummy collection you can check  Here.

Do try and tell how did you feel about them….they are easily available across the Mikyajy stores.


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