Armand Basi Happy In Red

Armand Basi Happy in Red packshot 100ml


From its start 25 years ago, Armand Basi declared its international vocation with bold endeavours such as is presence in the most cosmopolitan cities—Harrods of London and Barneys in New York—; a very risky venture toward the avant garde image, for which it used the best graphic designers and photographers, and which garnered it many design awards; and collections that connected with modernity based on elegance and very urban designs, made with high quality materials and natural fabrics.


With this urban and natural duality, Armand Basi has created his own DNA, where architecture and nature are at equidistance. Armand Basi men and women are active, independent and cosmopolitan people who appreciate life in large cities, but at the same time feel close to nature and are aware of the respect human beings must have for the environment. They are aware of the importance of social relations, are communicative and open to new trends; they follow rational aesthetics and advocate elegance and the avant garde.


In 1998, Idesa Parfums and Armand Basi reached an agreement for the creation of fragrances. A string of successes as consolidated the alliance between perfume and fashion, among which includes Armand Basi In Red, a range that has evolved over time and which is the brand’s most successful fragrance.


Armand Basi in Red is also the most emotional of the Armand Basi fragrances. In its evolution, the first version of Armand Basi In Red is a smooth and floral fragrance, for the current, modern and feminine woman. Armand Basi In Red Eau de Parfum, created later, is a more intense fragrance, for women who prefer more powerful aromas. Armand Basi Sensual Red, an homage to spring, is a sweet and sensual version in the romantic and feminine category.


Armand Basi fragrances are present in more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North America and South America. The brand’s international vocation is successfully consolidated.


Idesa Parfums and Armand Basi now present a new fragrance for the line:


Armand Basi Happy In Red, aimed at extrovert and lively women who identify with the emotional side of Armand Basi fragrances.


Happy In Red is a vibrant and positive fragrance, full of enthusiasm. It is aimed at women whose smile is their best calling card.

Sparkling and modern women who sing while they drive and dance whenever they hear music. Women who celebrate each little surprise in their daily lives and who have many friends with whom they share the best of life.


Inspired by the spring, Armand Basi Happy In Red takes up the almond branch that symbolises the fragrances of this line to turn it into a tree dyed in shades of red and orange.

It is an explosion of colour that energises the new fragrance concept while declaring its optimism and vivacity.

Happy means content, joyful and satisfied. An array of concepts that inspire happiness; that mental state of well-being characterised by positive emotions such as those from satisfaction through to intense joy.

Dynamic and restless, Armand Basi Happy In Red contains the echo of conversations among friends, full of double entendres and laughter. It is complicit, cheery and warm, as is friendship and affection. It is sweetly feminine and flirtatious. It is joy and colour.

Vitality and energy, serenity and positive spirit for an urban lifestyle with many connections with nature. The spring that scales the skyscrapers. The smile that lights up the gaze. Shared emotion. Contagious enthusiasm.

The possibility for happiness. Armand Basi Happy In Red.



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