Product Review : Mikyajy Sabaya Essentials & Eyebrow Styling Gel


Last weekend i visited the Mikyajy store and got this so handy  Mikyajy  Sabaya essentials which i posted Here  before, as i was eyeing on it ;)….so it came in a nice metallic medium pouch with 5 very useful  can say essential quality products to carry with you everywhere

  • A palm sized double mirror showing  normal and enlarge image.
  • An atomizer
  • A double sided volume mascara plus eyeliner.
  • A creamy dark kohl pencil
  • a caring clear lip gloss

What i loved about these that I mostly use these things  and have to carry each of thing with me so these a nice compact sized products.


Starting from the Mirror its so cute double sided fold-able mirror, light weighted easy to carry and very essential for touch up ….you all know this 😉 a mirror is a girls best  buddy.


A tiny atomizer which for me is just perfect, I love small pocket sized perfumes and whever they are finished have to carry a full size which just overloads my bag and kills my shoulder so i found it very much useful. I love carrying a scent with me everytime so now on I will just pump in my fav perfume and easily carry it with me …..mussst have thing.

DSC_0542 DSC_0544

Everytime I have to carry a separate mascara and a liner now its all in one loving it can taken anywhere.Specially now when winter is just here which means lots of camping  and staying all day outdoors, its gona be very hand for me.Best thing that the mascara is very voluminous and the liner is also very black and has long staying hours, so good looks everyday .


   How much we girls love smoky eye, so here its a nice dark creamy and easily blend able kohl. Tiny and very easy to be a part of the essentials. I just sometimes use it to fill in my brows with lightly filling in  with it and than brushing it in the full eyebrows to give a natural look…. specially in the evening to get nice full dark brows look.


Lastly the clear gloss i am so much loving it its just amazing the formula is so good as I apply it just sits in its place instead of travelling everywhere….but i will recommend to wear it in the evening  as its thick and highly glossy looks so shiny just perfect for any evening gathering and also moisturizing & caring so can be wore in the coming wintery chilly days  .You can wear any lip color under it and top it with this gloss …gives a nice full shiny look to the lips.

Will totally recommend for those who wana travel as it has all the necessities…can say an ideal carry pouch.

Eyebrow Styling Gel  I got separately but i keep it with the essentials as i use with them,its also very practical as i tried I was totally impressed very natural color which easily blends in.The formula is also not so thick instead light and goes in easily.My eyebrows are thick so become sometimes very unruly so its the best thing to have with me. It comes in a nice dark brown color which looks so natural and blended with my eyebrows.Besides being thick my eyebrows have a bit sparse spacing , so its nice as it fills the sparse spacing too.


Its comes with a mascara wand and a small straight brush.Just wiping off the extra gel from the brush , brush some of the eyebrow gel on the brow and brush with the small straight brush  so that the gel spreads equally…… much brushing ;)……  a nice chic thick full eyebrows in the end.

Did two looks for you using the essentials and eyebrow gel one smoky and simple eyeliner look …hope you like it.



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