Product Review : Bourjois Anti-Transpirant Extreme Protection Deodorant 72Hr.


Hi beauties,

During this humid weather here  in Middleast a deo is a ‘Must’…as i don’t have body odor problem but i like the whiff of mine to be pleasant and fresh , you must be getting what i mean ;)…I just hate body odors………..which is not happening at all! What ever you wear bad smell will ruin up everything. If someone has a body odor issue he  or she must be very careful with their garments and deos this really  really matters take my words dont wear that cloth that which make you perspire more, try to wear more cotton undergarments because they soak up the sweat and perspiration during hot, humid and even cold wintry seasons.In the market there are very good deo which keeps you fresh for long hours….so this is for you.

Got this Bourjois Anti-Transpirant Extreme Protection Deodorant 72H which looks like an ordinary deo but its really is a hit ….its waterproof , sweat proof, non staining,powdery dry, very handy…..keeps away bad body whiffs away for long long hours leaving skin soft and silky ❤  Its has a nice musky,floral, fresh  sweet  smelling and sooo feminine scent……. really just feels so good smelling my self ;)…….ya i know i have this problem i love smelling myself that’s why i want it to always be good…..just  love  stocking up body sprays, perfumes and edts. Always  love trying new ones in the market, so this a new addition i can say….totally loving it.

What it says ; The coolest bodyguard! cool right 😉

Extreme Protection Deodorant offers 72-hour** antiperspirant efficacy with its dry, waterproof, high resistance formula.

Iced Green Tea: we love its fresh and revitalising fragrance.

Top note: Green Apple, Rose, Ozone notes;

Middle note: Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley;

Base note: Musk, Amber, Sandalwood.

For the more range you can check Here …..Do try it is I am sure you will get addicted to it too 🙂


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