Product review : Bath and Body Works Peony & Dhalia Collection


Hi beauties,

My trip to Dubai was just amazing visited so many places and did loads of shopping …was reall fun.Bought this amazing Bath and Body Works Peony & Dhalia Collection too which i mentioned here also which is just yummy, sexy and delicious. Loveee it…wearing it all the time.Love the colors just lights up my mood .The Fine Sultry Fragrance Mist is just too good its feminine sweet and fresh, beats any pricey perfume, just cant be it.Perfect  for those who loves sweet, floral fresh smells.

The shower gel just leaves my whole bathroom like a blooming flower…..and the lotion is just perfect to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized leaving me with fresh sweet fragrance.And to maintain the longevity of the enticing fresh fragrance i layer it on with the mist, got many compliments on it 😉

The feminine Sweet Peony Dream scent wraps pretty florals in addictively sweet tangerine and sugared honey blossoms allowing you to sweet talk your way out of anything and the unique Dahlia Rush scent combining Black Dahlia petals, tonka bean and black pepper musk is sure to make heads turn.

In this humid changing weather its perfect collection do try i am sure you will love it too like me.

Available at Bath and Body Works at the Avenues Mall.




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