JO MALONE LONDON : Peony & Blush Suede

100ml with Peonies

Mantelpeice Lifestyle

Peony & Blush Suede

The Essence of Charm

Peonies in voluptuous bloom, exquisitely fragile.
Flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and
the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.
Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede.
Luxurious and seductive.

Tasting Notes

Top: Red Apple

Heart: Peony

Base: Suede

Master Perfumer Christine Nagel

Fragrance Combining™

Layer with English Pear & Freesia for an exquisite
juiciness and a sensuous, mellow touch. Or with
Orange Blossom for a full floral and flirtatious scent.

The Peony & Blush Suede Collection
Available from September 2013

Cologne 30ml Cologne 100ml

Body & Hand Wash 250ml

Body Crème 175ml

Home Candle 200g

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Q & A with Christine Nagel

Master Perfumer for Peony & Blush Suede Collection.

How did you feel when Jo Malone London asked you to create a scent working with the peony flower and the idea of leather?

The peony is such a delicate, beautiful flower, so widely adored for its romantic and blousy appeal.  Reminiscent of grand English gardens bursting with these elegant pink blooms. I was immediately interested in thinking about how its subtle fragrance might blend with the textures of fabric and leather.

What was the inspiration behind Peony & Blush Suede and how did it develop?

For me this fragrance captures the connection between the craft of fragrance and couture fashion.
I wanted to capture the charm of the English ballroom in the mid-20th century. The heady glamour
of the Cecil Beaton era. Women elegant in couture, with peonies brought in from the great country estates, the gossip and moodiness as the night unfolds. We wanted a fragrance that embraced both the floral notes and atmospheric texture of this scene. I chose to work with texture, to bring something unexpected – suede is not only surprising but has a muscularity that acts as the perfect complement to the peony flower.

What was your starting point as you embarked on creating the blend?

There are so many varieties of peony, and so many stages the flower takes; the tight bud which gently unfolds as the petals fall softly from the stem. I had to choose which facets of this extraordinary flower I wanted to transcribe in the fragrance. Additional layers are created with the sensuality of rose honey, the sophistication of jasmine and the spice of gillyflower.

How would you describe Peony & Blush Suede as the fragrance unfolds?

The fragrance starts with the crisp bite of the juicy apple, in combination with the fresh
almond giving a softness. After that comes the floral heart, where the peony takes centre stage.
The intriguing aspect of this fragrance is the duality of the enveloping feminine floral and the muscle
of the textured suede. The fragrance is a matter of sensation; you have to feel it, just as you feel a piece of fabric in your hands.

Suede is an unexpected idea. What does this facet bring to the fragrance?

The suede note brings sensuality, warmth and texture, and adds a certain suppleness.
It’s very unusual.

Which other Jo Malone™ Colognes can be layered with Peony & Blush Suede to create a bespoke scent and to what effect?

I love to combine this with Saffron, from the Cologne Intense collection. An unusual choice but it works very well, giving an opulent and striking combination – the mix of a luxurious floral with a vivid spice. Or for a different effect you may choose to layer with English Pear & Freesia creating an exquisitely juicy floral with a sensuous mellow touch.

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