The Luxury Closet : Limited Edition Tri-Colour Hermes Birkin Goes On Sale

Hermes Tri-Colour

Ever since 1984 when the actress Jane Birkin dropped the contents of her handbag onto the floor whilst on a plane, fashion and practicality have been combined and changed forever. As luck would have it, Jane Birkin happened to be sitting next to Mr Dumas, the Chairman of Hermes, and her wish for a fashionable handbag more suited to her needs was granted. In her honour, the timeless, reliable and ultimate fashion accessory, The Birkin, was born!

Hermes has designed many variations of The Birkin over the years, each differing in colour and leather. It is thought upon to be lucky to own a genuine Birkin, with some customers waiting up to 6 months for their bag.

Thanks to online designer boutique The Luxury Closet, a Birkin bag can be all yours with the click of a mouse… And not just ‘any’ Birkin, but a rare sought-after kind and the highest value Birkin to go on sale on the site to date!

The Hermes Tri-Colour Casaque Leather Birkin Bag (AED 83,950) offers a modern twist to the legendary, iconic style. The leather coloured in rose, orange and beige, make this the perfect blend to accompany most outfits, from classic black to bright florals. Reinforced with palladium silver hardware, this rare Birkin is made from Togo and mixed leather, and comes with a padlock, keys and a clochette.

No need to worry whether this Tri-Colour Birkin is real or not. It will come complete with its

authenticity card, original invoice, and inside its original box and dustbag. What’s more, The Luxury Closet’s expert team will check every stitch to ensure that what you get is the true Birkin, or a full refund will be given.

The Luxury Closet is filled with previously owned designer items; so if you have a Birkin you’re no longer using, why not sell it on? You can use the money to buy a new treasure for yourself!

For more information visit and allow yourself to be tempted.


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