Product Review : The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash

teatree cleanser

Hi beauties,

As these days the weather is on a change, we can feel nice cool breeze in the evening which is bliss living in middle east. But as the weather changes pleasant weather brings bacteria and viruses too which on our skin can easily be felt. Even the changing weather effects skin and it reacts to it sometimes positively and sometimes negatively …yes negatively producing more oil in result breaking out which for me is always a nightmare :/ for a blemish free skin for that I just become a guinea pig to the products. But now I have found a wonder product to keep in on the bay The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash….yes its just wonderful I am using it since a month now and its just the perfect solution I found to keep my self clear without drying out my skin, otherwise using any medication my problem is dryness and skin flaking.

After started using it, I felt on the second use that the small red irritations and a tiny budding pimple all  were just vanished as they didn’t exist so I think  its the best product I have experienced yet for breakouts. And since I am using it I didn’t break out isn’t this amazing now I am never gona stop using this till they discontinue it which I will pray never happens…..this will be a  ‘must have’ in my daily cleansing.


It is a creamy cleanser, with a strong tea tree oil smell in it. I love tea tree oils smell so don’t have any issues with it. As you rub it on  a cooling sensation starts. It doesn’t lather as its a creamy cleanser but cleans the skin very gently. After the wash the skin feel feels so calm, clean and soft.

What I loved about it is that it has tea tree oil first I was using there only tree tea oil on breakouts, but now I don’t have to use separately to treat any breakout, I just wash them off my skin 😉 and keeping the breakout on the bay. Its cooling sensation is also very relaxing, love how it just cools off my face and softly takes away all the oil and all day impurities off my skin. Love it as Its really a big softie too, the oils in it naturally clean the skin and the  skin looks fresher and feels softer.

This Cool & Creamy Wash is enriched with a cocktail of natural skin softeners including Community Fair Trade marula oil from Namibia and Community Fair Trade soya oil from Brazil.Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash benefits from the skin-clearing power of tea tree oil, one of nature’s most potent antibacterial.It has a hit of menthol to help give the wash its cool sensation and fresh fragrance.

So hail to the blemish free skin and get your hands on it ;)…. Its available at The Body Shop across Kuwait.



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