Review : The Body shop Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

makeupremover1Hi beauties,

How much we all love makeup but this the fact they have lots of chemicals which are really bad for our skin, and the key to not be harmed by them is to use a proper makeup remover or adapt proper skin cleaning routine. I just love playing with makeup and always want long  wearable makeup or waterproof types which last for long hours and don’t budge. But the more the staying power of a product more tough time it will give you to take it off…eeerrr and when we are home we don’t even have the energy to struggle with it to get it off….so here is a magical property product The Body Shop  Chamomile Waterproof  Eye & Lip Makeup remover  which melts away the makeup like butter even  the stubbornnest makeup…I am truly religious to it now because I am such a fond of waterproof mascara as I have bit wet kinda eyes so don’t want it all over my face and it really gives me a hard time to get off, but with this it really got off so easily no more hassles.

Even for lips I use long wearable lipsticks which are just stuck till the end of the day. For foundations I use silicone based foundations which are a not budge kind of, nothing moves it for long hours but taking them off is also a headache. If it is not taken properly my skin gets dull and obviously the not favorite breakouts a real nightmare. So always look for makeup removers which are good with removing waterproof makeup, which clean pores deeply  and really very happy with this, it did what is said.


How did I use it : Shook it well as it is written on the bottle to activate the solution ,than I soaked a cotton pad with it and just placed on the lashes inwards where all the mascara is as its very safe for eyes and even for the contact lens wearers too, pressed for 2 secs and wiped, all the waterproof mascara was off. It depends how much you have applied the mascara 1 or 2 coats will come off with first swipe if you think there is some left you can go through this again. It didn’t irritate my eye and my skin was so clean after wiping off the makeup. It left my skin slightly oily not dry so found it a moisturizing too the chamomile in it helped soothe my skin.

Overall I loved it  will definitely recommend to try this as no one looks good with irritated ,red and blemished skin so cleansing the makeup properly is a Must…so don’t ever leave the makeup on your face overnight as that is the time when our skin rejuvenate , let your skin breathe by properly cleaning it. So kiss goodnite to your makeup beauties and stay gorgeous.

Its available easily at The Body Shop stores in Kuwait for KD 4.

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