Review : Bourjois Java Rice Powder (Souvenir de la poudre de riz de java)


Hi beauties,

Meet my new obsession which has travel a 150 years to meet me……yes I am not joking it has as you must have read Here  about this, Bourjois Java Rice Powder (Souvenir de la poudre de riz de java) I  feel so honored to own a precious historic product. It is gives really a vintage french royal vibe taking back into the time, the smell is light,  sweet and powdery, really loving it.


Comes in cute light green packaging, packed inside the gorgoues doll pink powder luminous powder, interesting is this that it contains rice powder which  modern day scientists back up this theory too. They have discovered that rice powder has  a chemical structure similar to ceramide, a substance found on human skin that  aids in the production of collagen as many celebs use it for flawless skin. Is’nt this amazing  using products which benefit your skin too, so thoughtful right.


The texture is a light pink hued very fine milled powder with a  touch of shimmer, when applied to the skin it becomes translucent  giving a nice luminous sheen. My first thought on looking at it was that it is a highlighter reminded me a bit of Benefit Cosmetics Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter but in powder version.

I lightly dusted on the highest points of my face like  my cheek bone, bridge of my nose and bit in over the lips , gave a nice luminous glow. If lightly dusted over the whole face will also be fine to give luminous natural looking face  and who doesn’t likes the skin to look healthy and glowy….than this the right product. But beware too much can turn you into a disco ball 😉

Will totally recommend you beauties to try as it is a Limited Edition Product and easily available at Faces. I used it today for a daytime fresh face, really loved it how it made my face looking fresh.



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