Product Review / Une SFUMAT SHADOW S17 and Daytime Smoky Eye

uneheader    Hi Beauties,

  Today I am gona share with you a nice day time smokey look I did using this gorgeous Une SFUMATO Eyeshadow S17  isn’t this beauty gorgeous. Its just amazing very  finely milled, easily blendable giving nice smokey look or can be used as a liner too in the day as I don’t prefer black liner in the day time so really loved this.

 The packaging it comes in is really interesting, it has a large mirror on the top which can be revealed by peeling off the sticker on it. The mirror is sliding and the eyeshadow is under it, quite interesting right so portable and easy to carry it around with out messing it.

The constituency of the eye shadow is very pigmented,  comes with a  good quality sponge applicator.It comes in 8 shades, I picked S17 Dark grey  color as I was eyeing on it  you must have seen here.

#Tip For brown or dark brown eyes choose Blue

Hazel eyes choose violets

Green or Blue choose brown or Taupe


What I liked about it also was that it was quite long lasting and the color was really intense didn’t take me long to achieve my day time smokey eye as I didn’t want it so intense it gave me the right  intensity which I needed. For the evening can be layered more to give dark intense smokey look too. I didn’t honestly leave it on for 10 hours but I think I had it on for like 5 hours and was really impressed it  had the same intense color as I applied freshly without moving from its place as I have a bit oily lids :/ so have problem that the eye shadow creases in this case I am quite happy with it.

As mentioned on it, it is Certified 100% Natural Origin paraben and silicon free so it will be good for your skin as we apply makeup for such a long hours.


On the whole I am liking it very much and will definitely recommend you beauties to try. Posting the pictures of my daytime smoky look which I got in just a couple of minutes with it.

uneeyesLoving the mirror on it, this will be definitely my makeup bag essential eye shadow for now  as I don’t have to carry an extra mirror for touch up 😉 Hope you find my review helpful, do comment how did you like my smoky daytime look?



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