Review : Lush RETREAD Hair Conditioner


Hi beauties,

After the weekend at beaches or pools my hair become so dry and brittle :/  that surely I need a good conditioner to bring back them to normal…so bought this Lush  RETREAD hair conditioner to check how it works on hair. As it said I left it for while on my hair and after washing it off I felt my hair were feeling instantly different, they were soft and nourished….I am really impressed by it. It really  left my hair soft and supple cant stop touching them now.

Coming to the texture, it is thick  gooey like normal conditioners. I took a dollop and nicely spread among my hair….and the smell first I was not impressed at all didn’t like it much its bit like I don’t know its organic no floral no sweet ….but as I washed my hair I just loved  how my hair smelt it changed became nice  and mild creamy like  still don’t know what to compare it to never smelt anything like this 😉 but liking it now. I felt my hair shinny and bouncy too. Think so my hair liked it my hair look much more healthy than before 😉 Loving it.


   As it includes seaweed, lanolin, fresh cantaloupe and protein-rich yoghurt and soya milk to strengthen locks. blended in olive, jojoba and avocado oils to give a truly deep condition, organic girlies this is for you. All natural ingredients so its a pure treat for your hair. If your  hair are dry bit damaged, lacking some nourishment and you are looking for some  hydration than this is the perfect choice you must try, its very repairing.

#Tip you can apply the conditioner and wrap it with hot towel for 5 mins.  so that hair shafts open up and absorb more the nourishing conditioner, resulting soft and shinny healthy hair.

Easily available at Lush stores across Kuwait.


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