Hair Botox: Would you Try It?

Hair Botox: Would you Try It?

We all know that Botox exists as an anti-aging treatment for the skin, but did you hear about the latest fad in beauty; Hair Botox? Hair Botox is a deep-conditioning treatment especially formulated to turn back the clock on your hair, giving it back its lustrous look and feel. Hair Botox is designed to revive your tresses and undo years of damage caused by blow drying, hair dye, and hair products. The treatment costs around $30-50 leaving your hair stronger and thicker for about 10 washes. Devised by L’Oreal Professionnel, Kay Connelly, technical director for L’Oreal Professionnel, said: ‘Hair is not a living organ and we don’t feel pain when it is cut.

‘In the same way that skin ages and needs replenishing, so does hair. ‘The cortex fractures from daily aggressions, such as brushing and blow drying, chemical treatments or excess sun, and when it becomes fractured it stops hair looking healthy, smooth and shiny.

The L’Oreal Professionnel Fiberceutic treatment must be done in a salon by a professional hair dresser where the process consists of two steps: thorough shampooing followed by application of the Botox serum for 45 minutes. Hair Botox is designed for people with long, damaged, frizzy hair. This treatment is safe for pregnant woman too! Would you try it?

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