Crafts : DIY Thermocol Plate Moon

Hi beauties,

Todays post is not about fashion as you must have guessed by the name,but something really creative…I hope you will enjoy this too as I used my artistic skills to make it ;). My son was having some summer art & craft assignments, so had to make a thermocol moon. It was such a fun to make it. You can also do this as summer crafts or just for fun with your kids, nieces and nephews 😉 any kiddie around…I am sure they will love it too.

We used

Thermocol plate,


poster colors,

some cloth scraps

some glue n glitter  and lots of skills :P(kidding)

We used these things to get this


to get this


How to make : First I traced the moon face on the plate and taking a sharp scissors cut it out neatly. Using the poster colors colored the eyes and lips. Over the edge I applied some glue and spread some glitter to stick it, you can use any glue it works with all. You can be creative decorating it. Using the scraps made a nice poufy cap….and the finished result. Hope you enjoyed it I indeed enjoyed a lot making it with my son….was a nice quality time 😉


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