Crafts : DIY Thermocol Plate Clock




Hi beauties,

Yesterday actually we did two art and craft projects so liked to share with you all…I am sure you will enjoy it too, it can brighten up any ones day 😉


We made a Clock out of thermocol plate. The things we used were

Thermocol plate

Printed clock face

ice cream sticks

Poster colors, crayons

thumb pin

a small pencil eraser (which I forgot to put in the pic)

How to make it : First cut the clock face and stick it inside the plate. Than used some crayons to color the clock face, you can be creative here , I drew eyes and mouth to look more interesting and fun. Color it as you like.Than color the icecream sticks, but before getting the ice cream stick enjoy the ice cream with your kids ;).Ok now taking the thumb pin poke it through the end of the stick and make holes. Now pass the pin with sticks in the middle of the clock face. Secure the backside of the pin with a eraser ,cut a small piece and stick the pin inside ,you can put some scotch tape at the back too.I pierced a hole at the top of the clock and passed a thread to make it hang .Now here your clock is ready. Thinking of adding some feathers too add the end what do you think?..Enjoy your own clock..Hope you all like it 😉


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