Review : Bath & Body Works Pure Paradise Shower Gel

Hi beauties,

After long day of hectic work  and chores we get soo tiered and exhausted….we need a little chill. A spa experience but due to our shortage of time its not possible to get to the spa to get a nice relaxing experience. So I found a substitute getaway for me, a getaway which can be created at our home. Yes you got it right  my Bath & Body Pure Paradise Shower Gel…a real getaway to the tropical islands where warm salty gushing waves reach your feet , surrounded with the sweet  smelling frangipani blossoms….I just love these feelings .On the first whiff I felt it tropical,this was the reason bringing this collection 🙂 I know I just love beach and any thing which gives me a beachy feeling I can’t resist.


   This bubbly, luxuriously rich lather torquise shower gel leaves me feeling irresistibly soft and a beautiful fragrance, filling my whole bathroom with its aroma. Calming all my senses and taking away all the tensions of the day away….that’s why I call it “a perfect getaway” .Besides the fragrance it is also has super moisturizing Shea Butter which provides a lavish lather which makes my bath a bubbly bath 🙂 with a perfect burst of fragrance… thats what I need, I just love  fresh fruity flowery fragrances just changes my mood. It also contains protective Vitamin E and soothing Aloe to nourish and heal the skin as it cleans.


Coming to the smell which is my fav ……its kinda summery tropical….tropical as it is a mix of fruits and flowers.The shower gel is a blend of sparkling star fruit & ocean-kissed frangipani blossoms making it a pure paradise experience in a bottle! I also feel it smells a bit like sweet passion fruit bit like guava…I don’t know many more. Love it…..a pure indulgence. Just lit the candles and enjoy the refreshing aromatic foaming soak. Do give it a try you will enjoy it.

After the bath you can spray your hair with the Pure Paradise beach waves Hair Mist which I reviewed before to get the beachy waves  and its everlasting fresh fragrance ❤ and enjoy the full taste of beach at home 😉

Its available at Avenues Kuwait Bath & Body works for 4.750 KD 10 fl oz  for more information check here or check there Facebook Fanpage for recent releases in MiddleEast

Oh yes I wanted to share my two evening shots  from the Marina beach Kuwait which I love and find them so relaxing, these are my winter shots .As I love the sea in the summer too I will share some of them in my coming posts.




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