Review : Elemis Pro collagen Skin Cleanser


Hi beauties,

  To get clear complexion a cleanser plays a very vital role, most of you will agree with me right! As everyday we are using lots of makeup products on our skin so while retiring our skin need proper cleansing, otherwise breakouts, skin rashes and many more will be the result which we all don’t want.

I am always in a search for cleansers which are not harsh , which cleans my face without leaving it dry and stretchy… I hope you all also must be looking all this in a cleanser as mostly leave skin so dry without cleaning the traces of makeup from the face .So here my search is over  I got Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm as it is itself a unique kind a cleanser. Not like usual cleansers which are liquid or foam based, this has a balm consistency. As everyday we are aging facing pollution, chemicals, heat and many more, so our skin looses collagen, I liked about this that it has pro collagen system which we need so much these days in our tearing and repairing everyday life.

As its written anti ageing, this doesn’t mean it is only for adult ladies  we all  are ageing everyday and this balm helps preserving and also nourish the skin . Its suitable for every age group girl who uses makeup ,as these days they recommend anti ageing products from the age of 25. The early you start collagen boosting products, your skin will not age fast as collagen helps our skin to stay tight.

DSC_8710editElemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm combines precious starflower, elderberry and optimega™ oils with rose and mimosa waxes, and anti-ageing padina pavonica to deeply cleanse, nourish and smooth for a glowing complexion.

I love the smell of the balm, its like aromatic spices or like essential oils . Tip # I do some abdominal breathing while massaging it on my skin, to absorb the goodness of essential oils which relaxes my senses and gives me a chance to inhale the exquisite aroma.

How to use it : I usually wash my face with any cleanser around me than dry my face leaving it a bit damp. Than take some of the balm on my fingers, rubbing the products for some seconds than apply it on my face in massaging motions all over the face including around the eyes as its very gentle. I massage it for about a minute or too than  damping a cotton pad with rose water or wet wipe will also work, it takes the excess of balm off with the residues of makeup and grime left by the liquid cleanser. This balm moisturizes also my skin, which feels nourished after using it and makes my skin really clean.

Update : As I was suggested by the elemis team that I may try it directly as a face cleanser without prewashing my face with any other cleanser so I tried it last night, and guess I was really surprised to see how smoothly it took of my makeup as any foaming cleanser does.I damped my skin and just took  some of the cleanser and massage over my skin and the makeup was off in seconds. After the wash my face a  smooth n really clean, free from any residue of makeup.So  will recommend to try it as first wash too .

Really will recommend this product to add this to your skincare routine as its organic containing natural oils  and very beneficial to the skin apart from chemical cleansers. Smooth’s the skin out without leaving it dry and in bonus the essential oils relaxes  the nerves.

It is easily available at The Harvey Nichols , Avenues Mall Kuwait

Stay Beautiful ❤


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