star   Hi beauties,

     Its a beautiful morning sunny and bright, a  perfect kind a day going to beach . Having a lovely morning, dreaming of lounging on  beautiful seashore, rolling  golden sand under my feet, sipping a chilled pineapple juice loving this feeling 😉 Sometimes day dreaming can be  so lovely in this hectic stressed everyday life…..right?


   Now you must have guessed the reason behind my day dreaming, yes  PURE PARADISE BEACH WAVES HAIR MIST from Bath & Body Works…I just love beautiful smells specially which last whole day, who can resist this. As I was waiting for Pure Paradise collection since it was launched to come to Kuwait so finally yesterday I got my hands on this beauty, its just really pure paradise feeling as its name.

This the first thing I tried as I love smelling my hair , I have an obsession of smelling my hair( kind a weird ) 🙂 It makes me feel so good high all the time 😉  takes me to my Lala land ( my perfect land of dreams) heheheh…..:)


The hair mist adds an incredible volume and tousled texture to hair like a windblown without being sticky, beach bombshell effect Love it ❤ The smell is beyond defining its like dreaming of really sitting on the seashore of blue turquoise waves gushing towards you and kind a cool feeling in the summer afternoon…..a girls dreams. It’s a mix of  ocean-kissed frangipani blossoms, guava, cassis, and fresh star fruit notes. A summer chic blend… it’s pure paradise in a bottle! Purely tropical cant say. Now I got why am I having feelings like this!

You must be knowing this till now that I have huge crush on Bath & Body Works mist and lotion from here and here…..I keep on stocking the new collections  and this was the most awaited one. Their body mists and lotions  are must  for summer. But this is a different thing I have ever tried from Bath & Body Works and a must now. I have tried to spritz some perfume on my hair but due to alcohol they become shineless and dry. As I love good smelling shampoos but as you are out of shower they also just fly away and the fresh feeling is all gone but now on the freshness will stay till my next shower, as it is long lasting besides not overpowering .Cant rave more about it, a must thing for summer

How to use it :Use on dry or damp hair. Work through hair and use fingers to scrunch and twirl
for sexy, beach blown waves. It works also for curls…..they look so natural with this.For Straight Hair
Spritz PURE PARADISE BEACH WAVES HAIR MIST spray all over damp  hair, then make several braids; once dry, let loose. Accessorize with some turban headband, rock this supercute look!

Its available at Avenues Kuwait Bath & Body works for 5 KD 4.9 fl oz  spray bottle for more information check here or check there Facebook Fanpage for recent releases in MiddleEast


Enjoying the song from The Little Mermaid”Under the Sea” without going under the sea 😉  My feeling now you can imagine  from my editing this hair mist bottle , enjoy.



3 thoughts on “Review : Bath and Body Works PURE PARADISE BEACH WAVES HAIR MIST

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