Review : Lobello lip balm stick


Hi Beauties,

How are you all today? Must be enjoying your weekend :)….me too having fun on beach with family and friends….best thing of summer right. But playing on beach sometimes strips away body moisture too I feel this when my lips start cracking :/ which I hate so I always carry with me different kinda lip balms…..I know carrying a lip balm in summer can be a big trouble too…many ruined my purse too. But still I keep one handy as I need them.I try to carry stick balms rather than the container ones which I think outside  …I like them too but feel unhygienic dipping in fingers in it so keep them for home.Outside more I love it on a stick….and my fav among them is Lobello ones. You all must be familiar with them available at every coop and pharmacies ;).

Lobello has launched now so many type of lip balms…besides having yummy flavors some have bit color and also some shimmer too.I love to collect them everytime and it is always fun to try new flavor, so I assure as I am in the market I mustly get one 😉 I think have gone addicted to them.But three are my favourite that I wanted to share as they are long-lasting, non-sticky, super-moisturizing. Most of all I love to put them on keep my lips smacking, Love it.


Angel star, Vitamin Shake and soft rose these three are my current favorites.

Angel star is kind a shimmery one with light pink color which looks silvery too. I pair it with a sheer pink lipstick looks so good with it.

Vitamin Shake its sheer coraly color lip balm I like it most among these looks sooooo good, very summery.Gives a light sheen to lips.

Soft rose its a bit matte kind a lip balm with very light pink color which may b you even can’t notice.

On the whole  love these three very much it hydrates the lips, makes them soft and supple. And very AFFORDABLE 😉



5 thoughts on “Review : Lobello lip balm stick

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