Review : bliss triple oxygen instant energizing Starter Kit

Hi beauties,

As I said yesterday I will review the bliss triple oxygen Starter Kit so here I am with it. As I wanted to share the bliss triple oxygen skincare because the results are just amazing. Every time when I am in rush and have no time to visit the Spa or salon I  just use this and get the same results in just couple of minutes.

Now here we go , the starter kit comes in a four product package cleanser, mask, moisturizer and an eye gel, you can use them individually and together too. I prefer using them all together as it gives a better result .

A Cleanser : bliss triple oxygen instant energizing cleansing foam

Mask : bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask

Moisturizer : bliss triple oxygen + C instant energizing cream

Eye Gel : bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye gel


For you beauties I snapped my pictures to show you how it goes on the skin and you can see the difference too.


Now starting with the foam cleanser, The Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foam is a light-weight cleanser. The bottle consists of a cleansing liquid which you pump it out, comes out  as a foam . The foam looks like this.


How to apply : I like to cover my whole face with the foam and massage it for 1 or 2 minutes to get all the impurities off my skin. It’s a liquid which changes to foam.The
cleanser has a wonderful fragrance too.I need 3 to 4 pumps , depends how dirty your face is.

My verdict : I like this foamy face wash works, cleans and hydrates my face.

Next comes the mask bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask. Just cant have enufff of it,its amazing. Really makes my skin radiant, totally picks up the complexion makes it noticeably radiant. You will know this when you will get the compliments like me 😉

maskbottle1maskThe product is
a light orangy colored gel that has a orangy fragrance. You massage
it on damp skin and the gel turns to foam in few minutes, now this is fun. This mask reminds me of the effervescent  vitamin c tablets lolz… the tablets create frizz in water this mask also creates a frizz on damp skin like this 😉 I love the frizzyyyy action . Check the next pictures to see how it the gel turns into frizzy foam.


How to apply : Just  3 or 4 pumps are enough for the whole face. Damp your face and spread the gel on your face. It tingles a bit just slightly as it frizzes, a funny feeling. Leave it and let the foam settle you can watch some thing in the mean time or listen to your fav music.

 Sit back and let the natural goodies deliver smooth and brighter looking skin to you as it  contains rice bran extract, Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. So give time to the mask and let it to penetrate in your skin and create the magic.

Now as I washed the mask I instantly felt the glow in my skin. My skin was nicely hydrated, radiant and plumpy.

My verdict : I can really swear by this product definitely a must buy. Can have it in a kit or can purchase separately, but I will prefer for the whole kit as I think the products together makes my skin  clean and radiant. A whole facial feeling like a spa 😉

After that I followed the moisturizer with in the kit which is also nice light ,quickly absorbs into the skin.The Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream is a moisturizer with oxygen and vitamin C.

How to apply : You can pat dry your face and work on the moisturizer .It absorbs quickly, very light and runny texture.

My Verdict : Its good for daily use light and hydrating without creating a film on skin.



 Next lastly I applied the eye gel which is so calming. It is transparent slightly orangy gel de-puffs and cools the under eye area. You can use it separately also. As I wanted the whole spa treatment so included this also 😉

 As thank you to my parents good genes and my balanced diet I don’t have dark circles but bit fine lines, so I like this light eye gel. I mostly use it before going to bed as the therapist told me that the Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Gel  or any eye cream penetrates more at night more than the day and hydrates the under eye skin more effectively.

How to apply : I dot it around the eyes ,not directly underneath the eye area because as you massage it travels near the eye.

My verdict : Works good also under the makeup didn’t have any issue with it, but  I prefer it at night.By applying it at night, I can see much better results by the morning. Will definitely buy this again as it worked well on my fine under eye lines.

eye gel


So here is the final result hope you liked my review. I am enjoying my glow =)

Its easily available in Avenues at  Harvey Nichols Kuwait.


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