Kuwait : Bliss Skincare Products at Harvey Nichols


Hi beauties,

After eid parties and family gatherings we all get a bit exhausted which I think also effects our skin. So I thought why not do a post on self pampering. Yes I love self pampering in the comfort of my home sometimes rather than running to a salon for it in this heat. And recreating a spa experience at home is truly blissful. Did I said Bliss yes Bliss I got a Triple Oxygen starter kit from the bliss counter at the Harvey Nichols Kuwait in Ramadan which I will review soon, as it is to be shared just love it how it brightens my whole face.

So gona leave you with the glimpse of the products of Bliss I found there at Harvey Nichols .Take a look at there vast range of products….even the most buzz products Fat Girl Slim range is also available there.Make a list you wana get from there. My recommendation is the Triple Oxygen Starter Kit…..its a must .


2 thoughts on “Kuwait : Bliss Skincare Products at Harvey Nichols

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