Store Review : Kuwait Centrepoint Avenues

Hi beauties,

Eid is just around the corner so as everyone does I also planned for Shopping but due to family Ghabgas ( Ramadan dinners) didn’t have much time to roam around the city and collect all my things. I was actually looking for a place where I can get everything under one roof and here my search was over yes Kuwait Centrepoint and Home Centre at the Avenues which has everything under one roof .As I was invited there to do a review on the store, so thought why not share my shopping experience there with you.

  Centrepoint is a one stop shopping destination that houses  Juniors, Splash, Lifestyle, Shoe Mart and Beautybay under one roof. From shoes ,dresses bags, accessories, headgears, kids clothes ,makeup, everything just everything so my hassle was over. Without thinking of anything just headed over to the store.


  Now here I will share my first experience at their Avenues Mall store, which I heard a lot about but witnessed it last night……Yes take my word its huge reallllly huge,  its a mall itself in a mall. Couldn’t go over the whole store but will be planning for more visits as its worth to see. As I got down by the escalator to the basement ( it is located in basement)  just fell in love with the  beautifully adorned windows of Home Center, which will be my next target ;).

homecenter2Before entering the Centrepoint Store there is a makeup, perfumes ,bath and body corner on the right side which instantly took my attention but thought must finish shopping than will come to the makeup section which was also quite big to explore. Nicely designed and with reputed makeup brands. Will do a review on it too 😉


Now here we entered the grand entrance of Centrepoint which was also very spacious and decorated by magnificent display.


I asked for the Store manager Mr. Feroz as  I had to take some photos of items as I thought were pretty cool , so had to inform and take his permission . So thank you to the Friendly staff who kept on guiding me around the store as I was fiddling around things.

I went through the Splash Youth, Splash Woman, Splash Accessories and Splash Smart. Splash  also houses a gamut of international brands under its portfolio like Lee Cooper, Bossini, ELLE and Being Human among others. As I was going around the store browsing the high end stuff at a such a affordable price, I was intrigued that I may find what I got in my mind. Take a look yourself and you will also find there awesome pricing.I was really impressed with the merchandising of the store – it was fun to shop 🙂



Look what I spotted there Bollywood Star Salman Khan’s Being Human Ladies Collection, well the collection is very trendy and chic sure will buy something from it…..And thank you Rona for posing with Salman Khan’s Collection. I really had some fun finds throughout; specially the new Eid Al Adha collections, I bet my pictures are plenty of festive good cheer. Enjoy my unique shopping experience 🙂


2 thoughts on “Store Review : Kuwait Centrepoint Avenues

  1. Hi! Centrepoint is one of my favorite shopping destination here is Saudi Arabia too. You said it right, they got everything under one roof. Wow! You’re lucky to be able to do a review about their shop. I hope I too can in the future 😊. I just started out blogging again and mine is a pretty-new-old blog. You know….because of work I have to put blogging aside but decided to pick it back because I’m on leave now. Glad to meet you here. Cheers!


    • Its a pleasure meeting you, got a great opportunity to review them.Glad you liked it sweetie.I can understand how blogging and daily lifestyle becomes a struggle sometime.Keep visiting hope you have chill when u visit my blog 😉

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