Hairstyle : Braided Sides Perfect Pony Tail

Perfect Pony Tail for Summer

Step 1 :-  Pick some amount of hair from the start of  your end, mos probably your flick if you have one. And do some back-combing.

Step 2 :- Select hair form one side and make a french braid  till the end of your hair.

Step 3 :- Select hair from the other side of your head, and  again make a french braid till the end i.e. till it almost reaches your  neck.

Step 4 :- Secure the both side of french braid with bobby  pins.

Step 5 :-  This is the final step towards making the  perfect pony tail for summer. Get hold of both of your french braids, and the  hair which are left. And make a high pony tail with it.

And you are done. You can image how easy it is to have perfect pony tail for  summers, you need no hassle at all. And you will get the perfect hairstyle.  you can also see the visual demonstration in the picture below. Hope you enjoy  making the prefect pony tail for summer.


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