Makeup : Tips To Contour Your Nose

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Hi beauties,

Thin nose is a sign of  beauty and all girls want to  have a small nose that attracts people. Many girls are not happy with their nose  features that looks unattractive and they want to have a plastic surgery but i  wouldn’t advice you to do anything that dramatic. If you aren’t happy with the  size of your nose then you can make it appear smaller with some makeup tricks. I am aware of highlighting the nose and shading the sides  darker if you have a wide nose.

I know you have a lots of questions that how to make a long and big nose  appear smaller. For this you have to follow some makeup  instructions. Learning how to make your nose smaller  using makeup is little bit tough. Here em going to tell you about the  solutions of covering a wide or a big and long nose. Here are 6 makeup  tips to make your nose smaller with makeup.

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FOR A WIDE NOSE  : Apply a foundation that is one shade darker than your regular makeup on both sides  of your nose. Blend it thoroughly towards your cheeks. Then apply a little bit  of light powder to the bridge of your nose to highlight the thinnest part.

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FOR A LONG NOSE :If your nose is long and thin then apply a  darker shade of foundation or powder on the tip and underneath  the tip. To make it appear shorter.

FOR A CROCKED NOSE : For a crocked nose,  try the same  makeup tricks as for a wide nose. Be sure the lines of darker  foundation are straight.

For a detailed nose contouring tutorial check Here

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