Hi beauties,

I never forget when something appeals to my senses. Whether it’s the refreshing experience of the deep blue ocean or an opulent occasion cloaked in enigmatic shades of purple, colors stay with me. They always reach us in a special way. Now makeup and fragrance brand Mikyajy has revolutionized the power of sight and smell. By expanding on the connection between colors and fragrances, the playful brand has created a super fun and aromatic range called “Color of Scent.”


I got this beautifully packed Purple perfume oil from Mikyajy, the mysteriously rich and luxurious purple collection honors the extravagance of the Orient with its Oriental Vanilla, Oriental Woody and floral Oriental variants. (10,11,12)

It comes in ball packing which is so handy to carry it any where, a tiny bottle with a plastic applicator .My take on this product its just awsum love it really  very long lasting I must say,this tiny bottle just goes a long way trust me. My trick I just dab a two or three drips on my wrist and  voila. The smell is just soothing, they have quite a decent range in these perfume oils. All you have to try n  pick from the collection and enjoy the alluring scent.


My Colour My Scent pano no model

Treat your senses to a unique blend of fragrance and color with Mikyajy’s Color of Scent collection.

Price : 4.500 KWD

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