The Best Self Tan with St Tropez

st tropez tanning hampshire

 St Tropez is one of the leading names in tanning products around the world with a range of products for the perfect tan. Get the most from the products with this easy-to-follow guide for applying the perfect St Tropez tan.

Step one – exfoliate

Exfoliate in the bath or shower using a good body scrub, concentrating on the elbows, knees, ankles and feet.

As the body naturally sheds dead skin cells, it is important to prepare with the scrub to create the perfect base for a long lasting tan.

Step Two – Moisturize

Prepare your body by moisturising the dry areas of your body to ensure your tan doesn’t ‘cling’, eg. around the knees.

Tip: For perfect hands and feet, put plenty of moisturiser on your nails and the nail bed.

Step Three – Apply The Tan

  • Start with feet and work your way up the body.
  • Apply to one body part at a time and apply in each area before moving to the next area.

Use St Tropez Self Tan Remover on palms or wash your hands with soap and a scrub brush.

Lastly, apply body moisturiser to hands, then apply a small amount of self-tan to tops of hands. Using both hands, rub tops of hands together to the tips of each finger. This tans the hands without tanning the palms.

Allow Self-tan to absorb 10-15 minutes before bedtime. Don’t worry if you look streaky as it dries. This is normal. Colour will intensify in 3 hours.

Next morning, shower to rinse off excess product. This will eliminate product from rubbing on clothing throughout the day. Moisturise after shower.

To achieve a base tan, apply Self-tan 3 nights consecutively. Do not use body scrub on the 2nd and 3rd mornings. However, you should still shower, just don’t scrub.

Maintaining Your Tan

To avoid spotting with your tan, moisturise daily, preferably in the mornings. Apply Self-tan two or three times weekly at night. Use the Body scrub once or twice weekly.

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