Makeup : Mint Makeup

Keiko Lynn's mint makeup picks

Mint lips can be super fun, but if you’re looking for a more subtle way to add the color to your beauty look, eye makeup is the way to go. Let’s get started!

1.Apply mascara

After you’ve applied your foundation, bronzers, mascara (false lashes if you dare!) and lipgloss, try a mint mascara! Apply it to only your bottom lashes for a fun touch of color that isn’t over the top.

Mint makeup

2.Want to bump it up a notch?

Apply a mint eye liner on your bottom water line.

Mint makeup

3.Apply eyeshadow

Now for one small touch that really adds an extra sparkle to your eye. Find a very soft, light and reflective mint green shadow to top your eye lid.

Mint makeup

And there you have it! A look that isn’t too over the top or screaming with color. Just enough to put a spring in your step and change up your look!

Final look

Mint makeup

Extra Tip

If incorporating mint into your eye makeup or lip shade is too scary or dramatic for you, keep it simple by painting your nails with the perfect shade of mint and add a pop of glitter for good measure!


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