DIY : Beauty Treatments for Maximum Glam

If your beauty routine is full of the same old products and methods you’ve been using since high school, then it’s time to change it up–and, while you’re at it, why not replace your conventional, mass-market brands with non-toxic combinations you’ve made yourself? From peach-scented lotion to petroleum-free lip gloss, you can heat, stir, and mix your way to safe, beautiful skin, hair, and makeup .

Spoil Your Face with Spoiled Yogurt

While eating yogurt that’s past its expiration date isn’t always a sure bet, it can still work wonders for your skin. If it’s only a few days old, try mixing it with honey and cucumber for a refreshing face mask.

 DIY Portable Bronzer Compact

Have an old makeup case lying around? Instead of trashing it, refill it with a combination of cinnamon, sugar, and essential oils for a blush alternative that looks as sweet as it smells.

Make Your Own Shaving Cream

Lessen the damage that shaving can do to your face, neck, legs, or underarms with this simple cream made from melting sunflower oil and glycerin soap. You’ll get all the benefits without the synthetic chemicals.

Yogurt and Honey: 2 Key Ingredients in Your DIY Facial

The same things that make yogurt and honey so good for you inside make it just as essential for your skin on the outside; see what, why, and how to make the most of these foods (without eating them).

DIY Tinted Beet Lip Gloss

Beet juice for color and olive oil for moisture blend together to make a sweet, shiny lip gloss that will keep your pucker perfectly smooth without petroleum and other iffy chemicals.

 DIY Eco-Friendly Hand Softener

Forget the cocktails: mix lemon juice and apple cider with olive oil, sea salt, and other on-hand ingredients for this leave-on skin treatment that gives you soft, smooth hands and nails.

DIY hair conditioner

Just take some mayonnaise and apply to your hair keep it for 20 mins. than wash off your hair will be soo soft and shiny now you know mayo is not only for sandwiches.

DIY Lip Scrub

Mix some olive oil ,sugar and few drops of lemon than scrub your lips with it, a yummy lip scrub.

DIY Feet Softener

Wash you feet at night dab on some lotion and wear socks, in the morning you will see your feet so soft .


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