Summer Essentials: The Best Sunscreen Ever (for Face)

Sunscreen is so important specially living in Middleeast where the sun is just burning like hell.But choosing a good sunscreen can also be a major pain , especially when it comes to keeping your face protected. There are so many factors to consider: SPF level, ingredients, photostability, absorption, texture, smell, how it reacts with your skin, and how it wears under makeup. For me, there is only one facial sunscreen that meets my  standards: Clarins UV Plus HP Multi-Protection Day Screen SPF 40.

I just LOVE this stuff and I’ll tell you exactly why, but first! if you’ve never taken the time to research the complex science of proper sunscreen use,try to see the benefits of sunscreen and SPF on your skin. So, why is this Clarins stuff so awesome?

1. It contains mineral rather than chemical barriers. Within recent years, studies have show that many ingredients ingredients in sunscreen can actually increase the risk of cancer rather than decrease it. Moreover, some chemical ingredients are not photo stable, meaning that when they are exposed to the sun their efficacy diminishes making them USELESS. Avobenzone is notorious for this problem. Physical or mineral protectants such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the best ingredients to look for because they have a very low risk of toxicity and are completely photo stable.

2. It has an ideal SPF number and is broad spectrum. The sun protection factor scale is a tricky, deceptive beast, but generally speaking for the best protection it is advisable to choose a product that has at least SPF 15, and ideally between SPF 30-50. Anything under SPF 15 doesn’t offer adequate protection, and anything over SPF 50 is essentially a sham. To learn why, go here. It’s also IMPERATIVE to use a sunscreen that offers broad spectrum protection, meaning that it protects from both UVA (cancer causing) rays, and UVB (wrinkle causing) rays. Tragically, many sunscreens only protect from UVB rays.

3. It has an incredible texture. The one downfall of mineral sunscreens is that they tend to be very thick, pasty, and never really sink into your skin. So while I’ve found other sunscreens that satisfy all of my previous requirements, I’ve never found another mineral sunscreen that I could stand using on my face. This is where the Clarins sunscreen really shines. The texture is so light it’s almost watery, and it sinks in in under a minute and is almost undetectable on the skin. It wears beautifully under moisturizer and makeup, and has a light scent that isn’t overpowering.


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