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Beauty:GlamBox Middle East

Today I shall be talking about the GlamBox Middle East, which is actually UAE based, Now something about the company,

GlamBox Middle East

We’re a mix of brains & beauty experts but above all we’re consumers like you: we too are overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of brands and products out there! We have created GlamBox.ME to help our subscribers sort through the clutter, find new brands, rediscover old favorites or simply try that amazing new, expensive night cream long enough to see if it’s a miracle cream! GlamBox.ME allows subscribers to find out what works best for their own needs whilst having fun experimenting along the way!

Ok coming about how I found them, going through there earlier this year boxes I found them so good and worthy the money we are paying, they have such a nice and decent box organized with all well picked products.


     As everyday living in Kuwait, we are getting hit by some new products with which sometimes we fell in love with it and sometimes we just regret buying it so why not try this Glambox with such a marvelous and classy collection of products I bet every product is just worth trying . And if you like there products and you run out of it they have a online shop where you can find them easily and place your order. Now this is really a huge benefit you don’t have to bear the malls crowd and just run down by the stall advertisers 😉 (no offence)or just running around the counters to find it , and one more thing you can give sometime to the product too to see the result.They have a nice reward for there customers too which I loved that you can earn points to get surprises, check here.Now I am realy impressed 🙂

I have heard a lot from my friends living in Dubai about it and got introduced to by them must say thank you to them as they enjoy some vouchers too by glambox . I have subscribed to it, you can try to check there Site and there Facebook Fan page here for more information. For your convenience I have shared there link in sidebar too happy shopping lovelies ♥

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