Makeup:Bourjois Cosmetics

As you all know by now I am a huge makeup junkie. I just cant have enough of it 🙂 I am always trying new products and some I just own them forever and all this all started with this, yes bourjois my first ever makeup products which I owned,  just love there blush the smell the texture the hint of color just everything not forgetting its cutie packing which I love the most.There nail polishes were my best friend, just love them till now .Now bourjois has a huge range of products from which you must have seen everyone raving about its healthy mix foundation which is really to fall in love with it its smell, its texture, its finish on skin how it blends like a dream is just absolutely gorgeous. I am not just boosting give it a try and you will see yourself I swear. They have very beautiful nail polishes and nail art too which I will be posting in my next post till now enjoy the eye candy soon I will show you my pictures using there products how the foundation blends in skin a must summer staple you must have not forgetting its blush how it makes my cheeks glow 🙂







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