Travel:Places to Visit in Dubai

Top 10 Places to Visit in Dubai    So as now we are going to enjoy a long summer vacation some of you must be going to Dubai so made a post where to visit in Dubai.I got 10 nice places to visit there so sit back and enjoy.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

There should be no one in the world that has not heard about Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in Dubai, as well as the world. Its height of 82,984 meters makes it the number one tallest building in the world. Of course everybody would enjoy their stay here, because there is everything needed to have a good time – luxury hotels, mall, even a pond, but the sight from the top is definitely the most amazing thing about it. It is known that if you decide to climb trough the stairs it would take about 6 hours. This building itself is enough reason to visit Dubai.

2. Dubai Museum

The museum of Dubai is placed in the gorgeous fortress Al Fahidi Fort. Situated in the middle of the town, it is among the first places to visit in UAE! In the museum, everybody can find something of their own interest because its rich collections include artifacts not only from the history of UAE, but also things gathered from all over the world. Weapons, musical instruments, maps – this is one of the museums showing the widest range of priceless exhibitions, so it is obligatory to be seen if visiting Dubai.

3. Palm Islands, Dubai

The Palm islands, an artificial archipelago, built in the form of a palm also claim the title of the biggest in the world. This is one more very famous attraction in Dubai, which is known all over the world! It offers an unbelievable coast line with gorgeous places for accommodation, not to speak of its beauty. The Palm islands is a project in response to the desire of the people from UAE to develop tourism.

4. Fujairah Fort, Fujairah

Fujairah is the only emirate of the seven, which create the UAE, placed in the eastern part of the country. The rest are situated in the Persian Gulf. The fort is one of the biggest attractions there, it was built in 1670, but was renovated again after it was bombed. It was used primarily for defense purposes and also the ruling family lived there. Now, as the economy of Fujairah is trying to develop tourism, the fort will be one of the most interesting attractions in the region.
5. Dubai Waterfront Dubai Waterfront is the largest waterfront in the world, a very ambitious project, meant to increase the coast line about 70 kilometers. It will offer living places for families searching for a luxury life or vacation. The aesthetical sights of nature, beauty and perfect design are breathtaking. It is considered that the living area of the Waterfront will be enough for about 1.5 million people.6. The Dubai Mall

In these times of mall culture when Malls are a significant part of our everyday life, Dubai is the champion again with the biggest mall in the world. It is part of Burj Khalifa and consists of 1,200 shops. All shopping maniacs will be happy to visit this miracle of architecture and design, but of course there are attractions much more interesting than just shopping! Everything was completed absolutely gorgeous with a luxurious touch; it is obvious that no means were spared in this project! There are also a cinema, aquarium, which is the largest suspended aquarium in the world, and ice rink.

7. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the largest mosque in the UAE. It is enormous – about 40,000 people could gather there. The mosque is quite interesting and there are parts allowed for visitors. It is required that all the tourists read the rules and in terms of etiquette, be dressed properly or else you will not be allowed entry.

8. The Dubai Fountain

The Fountain of Dubai is placed in the Lake of Burj Khalifa, which is about 30 acres. The water is shot at 150 meters height and the sight is absolutely spectacular, especially when the water show is combined with lights (6,600 lights and 25 coloured projectors) and music. All of the senses are observed and amazed by the beautiful fountain. The fountain is also outlined by fire, which, being the opposite element of the water, makes the scene that much luxurious.9. Wild Wadi Water Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park is definitely an attraction that can keep the attention of the whole family for days. It is obvious, like most of the destinations in UAE, that it was an ambitious project created to be impressive and luxurious. There are several water slides, pools, and even surfing on artificial waves.

10. The Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain near Al Ain which attracts tourists for quite some reasons.Its height of 1,249 meters presents an absolutely gorgeous sight over the city to the observers. There is also the Green Mubazarrah, where one can enjoy a hot bath in a pool or jacuzzi, using the natural mineral hot springs water.

Have a safe trip and don’t forget to pack a sunscreen as in summer its going to be real hot there. Enjoy 😉

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One thought on “Travel:Places to Visit in Dubai

  1. The architecture is simply brilliant. And it varies depending on which country you’re visiting.
    The Dubai is one of the big city and they make a world record for the biggest building in the world now.
    And nothing compares to the Burj Khalifa. The world’s tallest man made building standing at over 830 meters (2700+ft), located in downtown Dubai.

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