DIY Acne Treatment Mask

While trying some new skincare products! we always end up in acne. So I made a awesome paste  and I am SERIOUSLY impressed! To be honest, the mix is pure geniousness, and I wish I would have thought about it earlier, but I actually got it referred to me from Dr. Oz! It’s even easier than my other recipe and the results are pretty amazing! The aspirin has great amounts of salacylic acid, while the lemon’s high amounts of vitamin C work to renew the skin and create a brightening effect!


3-4 uncoated aspirins (crushed completely)
Fresh squeezed lemon juice

make sure its consistency is just pasty,  just put enough lemon drops in crushed aspirin  to make a paste.Then, apply to the area and leave on as long as possible. Then wash away before heading in any sunlight! Follow with an oil-free moisturizer or SPF if heading outside, one of your choice! Stay flawless beauties 🙂


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