Beautify skin with tomato facial


Tomatoes are one fruit that has many benefits. Tomatoes are not only used to make beverages and as a mixture in a food ingredient, it can be useful as a mask tomatoes are good for our skin. You can try to mask their own tomatoes.Mashed tomatoes are useful to counteract the dry or sensitive skin conditions, because it contains vitamins that can moisturize the skin. The result is so skin looks brighter and fresher.

Take 1 tomato. Mash it  well and smooth the mixture on your face. Rinse after 20 to 30 minutes with tap water and follow with your favorite moisturizer. Pop extra mix into fridge and follow use for 3-5 days. If any reaction occurs, stop use right away (reactions are not common, but just in case).Repeat for 2-3 weeks. The gorgeous skin glows from miles away.

Click to see how tomato benefits us


10 thoughts on “Beautify skin with tomato facial

  1. I like your style is very good..all day i check your blog..the tomato juice with some drops of lemon is miracle and for have a best skin I can offer you California skin care really I tried it 2 years ago and I see very good change in my face..this pro team is wonderful and specialy I recommend Mobina,she is amazing skin consultant..thanks mango

  2. oh yeaaaaa I tried California 7 months ago is relaxing place with very professional trappist …i had rosacia for about 3 years and i tried to many clinic in kuwait and oman..but i didn’t get a good result but with california clinic after 2 months my skin got change without any inflammation and was my trapist… the best skin clinic in q8 and if you wanna have a good skin I recommend this clinic…

  3. Yes dear Shaikha you right, now it’s 2 years I’m with mobi, without any make up I have so clean and healthy skin. She is so gentle and professional in her work.

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